Friday, 17 August 2012

Where are my Eyebrows ?

We had a game of Dystopian wars last night. They are an unusual set of VSF rules which cover naval,aerial and land fights simultaneously. We have yet to try land combat, but started with the naval starter sets and added some aerial units for a little variety. Last night we played to 1000pts, with my usual gaming oponent, Ed using his British fleet while I used my Prussians. We normally use a few islands as it breaks up line of sight and forces more challenges for placement and manoevering.

The British fleet deployed

The Prussian fleet

Prussians converge on the British aerial flagship

Congested air space

Where did my airship go ?
We played for about 3 hours, with time lost making tea and talking. There were some quality moments, such as my battleship running into a strength  5 mine, Ed rolled one 6, and continued to roll 6's until my BB had taked a crit and was now on fire. Towards the end of the game, most of my heavier units had started to converge on Eds aerial battleship, it was damaged and I was desperate to try to bring it down. My two aerial crusiers came up behind it to engage at close range but had little effect. Ed closed with his flying aircraft carrier and shot at my two smaller airships. He scored a critical on the nearer one and rolled a double 1, a magazine explosion.This has a blast radius and all the nearby flying units were in range. The resulting fireball caused a crit on my other aerial cruiser, wrecking the engines. It caused damage on the flying aircraft carrier that fired the shot, my heavy airship and nearly caused a crit on Eds own flagship. We timed out at this stage, there was still plenty of fight left in the Prussians but the tide of battle was in Eds favour so we called it a minor victory for him. 1000 points was probably a bit ambitious given the amount of time we had to play in, so we figure on going for about 750 next time and try to play to a conclusion.



  1. Yes watching your battleship sail into the minefield with a cry of: don't worry lads they're only strength 5! was amusing.

  2. You were less smug when you nearly crited your own battleship with the ammo explosion.....