Saturday, 29 December 2012

An unidentified dragon and two mystery guests

Hi Guys

I took a break from 28mm sci-fi to tidy up an old, long neglected figure, a dragon. I have this figure long than I have had facial hair, and have no idea where I got it, how much I paid for it, or who makes it. I has been sitting in the to-be-painted pile for about a year now, and it was probably the last few seconds of The Hobbit that prompted my to bump the dragon up the que. If anyone who sees this knows who the manufacturer is ( or thinks they do !) , please  leave a comment, thanks.

And to other unidentified figures from way back, both 28mm sci-fi  (for a change!). No idea of who, where or when on these guys. Again, if anyone knows from whence they came, leave a comment please.

either he is distracted or he really lacks faith in his weapon



Monday, 17 December 2012

Swat team

Hi guys

I recently recieved as a present from a very generous gamer a box of 28mm figures, mostly sci-fi, which I am painting my way through at the moment. One of the items in the box was a Foundry 10 man Swat team. I have never painted Foundry before, but really liked the figures, nice clean crisp lines. I was surprised to see the size variation within a set of figures from the same range, however when I checked on their site, each figure had an individual name and the figures are meant to show normal variation in peoples height,the shorter figures representing female squad members. Unusually , one of the figures has a megaphone rather than a gun, presumably negotiating with hostage takers or bank robbers. I love the command figure in this pack, bareheaded with a very WWII mustache and a pistol in a 2 handed grip, full of character. This squad will see service in our next game of Combat Zone, and might show up as a special squad for Warpath in the Coporation army.

I had painted the visors in a more neutral colour but ended up going with the hi-vis orange for more of a sci-fi look. Next up is a few odds and ends of fantasy stuff including a dragon I have had so long I cant remember who made it or how I got it, and then back to the 28mm sci-fi.


Saturday, 15 December 2012

Pictures of Ancients Impetus game

Hi guys

a freind came over a while back to try out Impetus. He is an avid gamer, but rarely plays ancients, being unhappy with DBMM , and had agreed to give Basic Impetus a go. We played our favourite current pairs of armies, Alexander vs Darius.

We had two good games of BI, and our new player was well pleased with the rules,having gotten very good use out of a scythed chariot. We had a large 3 way game of Dystopian wars afterwards. All in all, an excellent day of gaming with plenty of laughs and copious amounts of tea drunk.