Monday, 2 June 2014

The Republic strikes back - Capua

Hi Guys

Last night Ed and I played the next game of our Pyrrhic campaign. This time Ed took the Pyrrhic army and I used a depleated Roman army. We used the Capua map and set up the terrain accordingly. I deployed the Romans first as defender and Ed as attacker set up opposite. The two brown features are scrubland, the green is forest. The river can only be crossed at the two fords. How these features effect movement etc will depend on what rules you are using.

Battle of Capua

This is the second round of the campaign ,using the third map after a major Pyrrhic victory last game. Due to heavy casualties in Cavalry and the legions in the last game, for this fight the Romans exchanged 1 unit of Medium cavalry for 1 unit of medium foot  (Samnite allies), and a unit of Legions for a unit of Spanish light horse and upgraded their skirmishers to a higher rating. 


Turn 1 , Initiative Pyrrhus,  The light horse crosses river to right, all other troops advance.
Rome: Light horse cross river to left, the Legions wheel to face the enemy pike, then  Roman Light foot and skirmishers advance

Turn 2, Initiative Pyrrhus, Light horse, pike, Elephant, Hoplites, Light foot & skirmishers advance, medium & heavy cavalry stand.

Rome: Light horse move onto ford,  Legion fix line, light foot & skirmishers advance, both cast javelins at light foot , but to no effect



Turn 3, Initiative Pyrrhus, Pyrrhic light foot charge their Samnite counterparts and inflict 1 pt of damage but suffer 2pts of damage in the process and  fall back. The Pyrrhic light horse advance. In the centre the Pike, Elephant, hoplites and skirmishers advance towards the enemy.

The Roman Legion and their Spanish light horse advance , The Roman cavalry wheel toward the skirmishers, and the Samnites throw a Javelin volley at the enemy light foot,but to no effect.




Turn 4, Initiative Rome. The Roman cavalry  charge the skirmishers, who evade away,the Spanish light horse closes on the enemy light horse , and launch a Javelin volley, but no effect. The  Legions advance, teh Samnites again throw a javelin volley at the light foot, but again no effect.
The pike charges the  Legion but are driven back, and the rear unit of pike are  destroyed, Legion takes 1pt damage. The Elephant charges the Legion but takes 2pts damage from a pilum  volley and is driven back. Hoplites charge Legion, but fail to score any damage and hold.  The Pyrrhic light horses charges the Spanish light horse, causing 2pts of damage, but suffering 1pt damage in return, The Pyrrhic skirmishers cast javelins at the cavalry and the light foot target the Samnites but with no effect from either.


Turn 5, Initiative Pyrrhus. Light foot charge Samnites and destroy them, and follows up. Pyrrhic light horse destroyed by Spanish light horse. Pike get disrupted, Hoplites hold vs Legion but disrupted.

Rome: Cavalry charge skirmishers, who flee. Roman skirmishers throw javelins at Pyrrhic cavalry, causing 2pts of damage. The Legion destroys the hoplites, and follow up.





Turn 6, Initiative Pyrrhus. Pyrrhic cavalry charge Roman cavalry, no damage.

Rome: The legion led by the Roman general chargesthe  elephant but takes 1pt damage. The right hand flank  Legion wheels to face Pyrrhus.  The Spanish light horse reform.



Turn 7, Initiative  Rome, righthand Legion charges Pyrrhus, but to no effect, General legion disrupts elephant.

Pyrrhus: Light foot  wheel onto legion flank, disrupting them, Pyrrhic cavalry destroys Roman Cavalry & follows up.



Turn 8, Init iative Pyrrhus. Pyrrhic cavalry charges legion flank, disrupts them. Pyrrhus destroys Legion, Elephant causes 1pt damage on Roman General

Rome: Spanish light horse  crosses river, General with legion kills elephant.



Turn 9, initiative  Rome, Pike destroys Legion, breaking the Roman army. Game over.




Rome loses, Minor victory to Pyrrhus, Pyrrhus advances on Neapolis, Roman army back to full strength for next battle as reinforcements called in after the disaster at Metapontum arrive. Pyrrhus has advanced three stages on the campaign board after only two games.