Saturday, 29 December 2012

An unidentified dragon and two mystery guests

Hi Guys

I took a break from 28mm sci-fi to tidy up an old, long neglected figure, a dragon. I have this figure long than I have had facial hair, and have no idea where I got it, how much I paid for it, or who makes it. I has been sitting in the to-be-painted pile for about a year now, and it was probably the last few seconds of The Hobbit that prompted my to bump the dragon up the que. If anyone who sees this knows who the manufacturer is ( or thinks they do !) , please  leave a comment, thanks.

And to other unidentified figures from way back, both 28mm sci-fi  (for a change!). No idea of who, where or when on these guys. Again, if anyone knows from whence they came, leave a comment please.

either he is distracted or he really lacks faith in his weapon