Monday, 17 June 2013

15mm Carthaginians from Lancashire games.

Hi Guys

Havent posted in a while, the lack of a working computer got in the way of blogging. My wife recently got me some 15mm Carthaginians from Lancashire games as a birthday present. I got these primarily for Basic Impetus, but possibly for other ancients as well. I got enough figures for 1 unit of heavy cavalry, 2 units of heavy foot with spears and 2 units of medium foot with spears as well as a mounted general. I was very pleased with all these figures, but was especialy pleased with the heavy spear and the foot command packs. The figures were nice and crisp, with enough detail and little flash. All of the Lancashire games packs are very well priced, being cheaper than the most of competittors.I also received a few Spanish light horse as free samples and was quiet taken by them. They will be useful for my Carthaginians as well as my Romans, and possibly a few other lists as well. Here is the page most of the stuff is on :

The heavy spear are probably my favourites, being very close to a colour plate in a FOG list for the early Carthaginians, showing a sacred band spearman. The heavy cavalry will be pressed into service as later Greek shielded cavalry, the helmet with crest and double feather plume being close enough for me.

Heavy spear with command stand

Mounted General
Medium foot with command stand
Heavy cavalry with lance & shield
It is shocking how much my limited miniature photography skills have deminished in the past few months from lack of practice. I will post again soon when the balance of the order is finished, when I start on the enemy, the mid republican Romans from Warmodelling.

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  1. Very nice! Great work on the colors and the shields...