Monday, 17 December 2012

Swat team

Hi guys

I recently recieved as a present from a very generous gamer a box of 28mm figures, mostly sci-fi, which I am painting my way through at the moment. One of the items in the box was a Foundry 10 man Swat team. I have never painted Foundry before, but really liked the figures, nice clean crisp lines. I was surprised to see the size variation within a set of figures from the same range, however when I checked on their site, each figure had an individual name and the figures are meant to show normal variation in peoples height,the shorter figures representing female squad members. Unusually , one of the figures has a megaphone rather than a gun, presumably negotiating with hostage takers or bank robbers. I love the command figure in this pack, bareheaded with a very WWII mustache and a pistol in a 2 handed grip, full of character. This squad will see service in our next game of Combat Zone, and might show up as a special squad for Warpath in the Coporation army.

I had painted the visors in a more neutral colour but ended up going with the hi-vis orange for more of a sci-fi look. Next up is a few odds and ends of fantasy stuff including a dragon I have had so long I cant remember who made it or how I got it, and then back to the 28mm sci-fi.


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