Monday, 6 August 2012

Alexandrian Macedonians

I have started painting up an  Alexandrian Macedonian army for Basic Impetus. Basic Impetus is an excellent set of free wargaming rules available here :
They provide a good, fun game with reasonable sized forces and usually get a definative result in under 90 minutes. We usually get in two games per evening, and swap armies for the second game so we get plenty of variety in play out of a single evening. I already have a good few ancients armies so we play historically matched pairs, although my Romans are late republic, and have been pressed into service against my Carthaginians ( but using the mid-republican list) until I get a mid-republican army painted.

I got these Macedonians from Black hat, but didnt realise they came without spears or pikes, so I have only painted a few bases worth so far, those troops that had cast on weapons.

This is the command element for the army, representing Alexander himself with companions.

Same element from the side.

These are the Thessalian medium cavalry. They will also serve under Pyrrhus in Italy

 All 5 stands. I only need 4 for Impetus, but the way the figure pack sizes are, I ended up with 5 stands worth, so I wasnt leaving a few figures unpainted. I would never get back to doing them and it is easier to do uniform paint jobs in batches.
From the side.

 This is Alexander at the head of a wedge of Thessalians. He should be with his companions, just waiting unit I get their xystons sorted and get the unit painted up.

Next on the painting table is the Hypaspists.


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