Saturday, 18 August 2012

Tarantine Light Horse

Here is another unit for Impetus. I picked them up with the Macedonian figures and will be used with them for Pyrrhus and for Selucid armies. They will probably be pressed into service as later Thracian Light horse for my Romans, especially if the Numidian Light horse is in use. These figures are from Magister Militum, they are single piece casts. At first I thought they were all in a single pose, but there is slight differences with the riders and more variation with the horses, mainly in head position as if they have been made to turn. Very clean models with crisp detail and no flash.

I am fairly pleased with the paintjob, but the shield patterns are less than what I would like. My first attempt at taking pictures outside, as it is a rare sunny day here. Better than using a flash but the shadows are a bit severe.

Next up is the start of the Macedonian pikes. I have started painting them up, and although the wire pikes I got from Black Hat look really good, I have serveral holes in my hands and forearms like a heroin user. There is nothing like stabbing yourself with a base of pike and jerking your arm back, launching the nearly finished figures across the room, Noooooooooo crunch.    :(


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