Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I finished another  15mm unit today, skythian horse archers. They are incredibly useful unit, being a part of many ancient armies, Persian, Greek, Macedonian as well as a variety of others. Theses figures are from Magister Militum, very nice single cast models, very crisp with plenty of detail, but unfortuneately just one pose. These are intended to serve primarily with the Alexandrian Imperial list for Basic Impetus, but will be used as generic horse archers with plenty of lists.

The quivers were quite detailed but one feature of these models that surprised me was each figure had three severed heads tied over the saddle. I didnt know the skythians took heads, but there you go. The red on the hoods were a bit dodgy. I didnt want them all to have various shades of off-white to light brown, but I didnt want them to look like Noddy either.

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