Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Macedonian Pike Unit for Basic Impetus

Hi Guys

Continuing the project of painting up my Alexandrian Macedonians for Basic Impetus, I got the first unit of pike finished. There will be two units of pike for this army, and a third done to cover some of the successor lists. Once I am done with the figures I have, I will need to add so cataphracts for the later Selucid list. I love these pike figures, they are easy to paint, and the pike has 4 points of conact with the model so is very secure. Both the models and the pikes, which are sold seperately, are from Black hat models. The pike wire fits to the models hand perfectly and is surprising strong for such narrow wire. The head is well shaped as a spear point and not just a pointy bit on the end. They are also bloody sharp, and I have a thumb like a tea bag after not watching what I was doing while picking up the next figure to paint. I have all the pike I need to do a successor list, but as they mostly fought each other, I can see this army mutate until it can field two successor lists so they can fight each other. This could be a project for next year, as the next army I hope to do for ancients is an Indian army to face Alexander. They could also face my Late Achemenid Persian army, which could be an interesting fight with lots of colour.

I have to get transfers for the shields, as my hand painting isnt up to scratch

The pike heads show up well in this shot.

The Command stand

In column formation.

Next up is the unit of Prodromi. They are half painted so far. It looks strange to have light horse equipped with pikes and they could be awkward to line up as a unit without poking the figures in front.

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