Saturday, 12 April 2014

Pyrrhus vs Carthage

Hi Guys

We had a fun game of Basic Impetus the other evening, we used the Pyrrhic list against Carthage. There is no official early Carthaginian list for BI, so we went with the later list. The models I went with for Carthage included some of the Spanish cavalry and light horse I got from Magister Militum, always good to get the curse of freshly painted lead out of the way. Here are a few pictures of the game as we went.


Pyrrhic heavy cav close on the Carthaginian General 

Pike stops Elephant ! Further along, Gallic warband try to do the same. Fail..

Pyrrhic heavy cav play through the Carthaginian cavalry

Spanish light horse ride down skirmishers in the open

The battle lines hold

Heavy foot about to be charged from behind

That warband unit used to be a lot bigger..

Pike surrounded by a lot of enemies.
 We had a good game, the Pyrrhic army broke, although the Carthaginians were not too far behind with both spear units a point away from breaking and taking the rest of the army with them. The elephants stood up well , given that they normally disolve on contact with the enemy. We had the perrenial problem where a unit destroys an opposing unit but cannot get back into the fight in time to contribute any more to the battle. The armies were an interesting mix of quality units and dregs, and it provided an enjoyable game.




  1. Very nice, looks like a hard fight game...Great looking armies, and splendid casualties stands, love these abandonned shields...Thanks fot this enjoyable report!

  2. Thanks Phil, I used the shields because I ran out of casualty figures for the damage base. I want to pick up some generic ancients figures to use single based on coins as disruption markers so no paper tokens ruining the look of the game.


  3. Lets go for the trifecta ;o)

    This is what I like to see lots of photos and after action report... great looking units and nice clean battlefield playing area....marvelous!


  4. High praise indeed ! Thanks Phil