Saturday, 5 April 2014

Damn Colonials

Hi Guys

Ed came to the elegant abode the other evening for a game, his turn to pick our rules, so he chose Dystopian Wars. He used his Australian fleet, picking the rebels to try out the energy turret version, I used my American FSA. I have a basic boxed set fleet so we played at approx 800 points. I threw a few islands out to block line of sight and a little coral island in the centre to block movement but not line of sight or firing. We deployed a squadron at a time and started right away. We did not do a blow by blow write up, but took a few pictures as we went.

The FSA fleet deployed

The Oz fleet amid viennese whirl crumbs...

Some of the Australian heavier units

Collision alert- two Oz units come close as they move around an island.

First blood, an Australian frigate gones down

The FSA battleship with air support, 3 cruisers in the foreground.

A long shot of the board with coral island in the centre

The battleship carrying a lot of damage under attack by boarders.

My right flank struggling to land a blow

The FSA cruisers and bombers.

A failed attempt at dive bombing, as Ed gets lucky with AA

We had a good game and plenty of laughs but my luck was appalingly bad, I may as well have been rolling D4s for all the 6's I saw. I scored a few hits but sunk nothing bigger than a frigate. I conceeded the game as all my heavy units were either crippled or settling on the sea bed and my dive bombers were pretending to be submarines....

Next game should be in a week or so, Rome vs Pyrrhus. Hopefully the dice Gods will smile...


  1. Beautiful pictures, a great looking naval battle!

  2. Two great looking fleets on one lovely table! When Fortuna turns her back on you, all you can do is hope to dice through it eventually. ;-)

    I think I'd really like this game but I don't know anyone locally who plays it.

    1. Thanks Monty, It's a good game, not perfect, but fun and has a good VSF period feel. We can have a game the next time you are in Ireland :)


    2. You can't imagine how happy I'd be to be in Ireland. It always comes down to money, doesn't it? One day!