Sunday, 4 May 2014

Break on through...

Hi Guys

A while back, Ed & I played another 15mm World War II game based on the warpath rules , this time it was a break-through scenario, with the British blocking the road and the Germans needing to get through. Here are a few pictures of what happened :

The German deployment area

The British deploy across the road

The view from the British end

German (very) light tanks and a truck carried 8cm mortar.

Cards marking possible positions of the British ATG, only 1 is real. 

The Germans sluggish advance, more molasses in winter than lightning

The British move to block the road

Germans in a bottleneck

The British lay smoke

Germans still in a bottleneck

British hold a hill, just before the German 8cm mortar finds them...

The British advance to confine the Germans

The tanks finally break through.

German tank clears the smoke, and approaches a concealed anti tank gun.

The British on the left getting machine gun loving from the tanks

Infantry taking heavy fire

All the forward British units are in a very fragile state.

We had a great game and lots of fun. We declared the game a draw, the Germans probably would have broken through eventually but not quickly or cheaply. They failed too many command rolls earlier on, so moved to slowly and were worn down by British fire. We have considered giving the Germans rerolls on failed activation tests, so it would be more in keeping with their early war performance. This would balance their less than stellar equipment during the early war. The thought is that the British would be the baseline, the Germans a little better, the Russians a little worse etc to reflect C&C during the early war.

Next planned project in a simple campaign covering Pyrrhus in Italy, using the Basic Impetus rules , and a campaign outline supplied by Andy Badger.


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