Sunday, 13 October 2013

World Warpath

Hi guys

Two of my friends, Ed & Peter have been experimenting with using Mantics "Warpath" sci-fi rules as a base for a set of 15mm WW2 rules.  This may seem like an odd route , but the Warpath rules are very good for squad based combat and port over well for a small scale WW2 game with a band of brothers feel. The guys are using basing similar to flames of war with a squad consisting of 2 bases, each with 4 figures on it and a leader on one of the bases, so 9 figures between 2 bases. They have come up with a very interesting alternating initiative system where you can pass activation back to your opponent after each unit activation or try to activate several units one after another but with deminishing chances of success, a failure means the unit does nothing and initiative passes back to the other player. You get a single commander with a limited command range, but who can relay orders through runners who can daisy chain  commands. I had yet to play a game ( so many games , so little playing time ) so we gave it a go early this week. We took a few pictures, but didnt do a full turn by turn write up as I was learning the rules. We played early war, 1940. I had a small group of Germans, Ed had the French. He had an anti tank gun which was placed hidden, so he put down 3 markers , only 1 of which was real. It caused hell with my transports. We had good fun, and it was a bad day for the French, with the Germans emerging battered but victorious. Here are a few pics of the game. All of the figures are Eds, as are the brilliant buildings, from Foreground, I believe. I supplied the rest of the terrain, tea, sarcasm and homemade viennesse whirls. We had a good game and finished the evening with a blood sugar level that could lead to spontaneous combustion.



  1. Very nice report! Great looking pictures, I really like the buildings and the wall...

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    I had a small group of Germans, Ed had the French. He had an anti tank gun which was placed hidden.