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Escape from Zombie town

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Here is a combat zone scenario written by my friend Ed. It is set in World War Z, as an aftermath to the battle of Yonkers. We played it the other day and had good fun. It might be worth changing the initial deployment of the zeds to about a quarter on each flank to stop the players running down the edge, like I did , using a small group to draw away a few zeds with gunfire. Ed has included rules for killing a zed, needing enough damage to kill plus a modified D6 roll to see if it was a headshot making the kill permanent. I have proposed using two thresholds for "killing" a zed, one is the normal for a human to put the zed down, the other is a higher level (10+ ) to keep him down. Anyway , we had a laugh and the scenario should be easy enough to modify to whatever system you are using, although we found Combat zone ideal for this kind of game.

Some pictures of our game are at the end of the scenario.


Break out from Zombie Town


At a place called Yonkers, the US Army attempted to stop the zombie hoard spilling out of New York City. They failed. When the most powerful army on Earth routed you and a few of your squad managed to fight your way clear. But without motorised transport, you were unable to keep up when the rest of the army bugged out West. Joined by a few other army stragglers and a handful of civilians, you found a strong building, fortified it and prepared to wait out the storm.

That was eight weeks ago. While the majority of the hoard has passed you by, hundred of zombies are still the immediate area and while you held them off so far, food and ammunition are running low. You have to breakout of zombie town while you still can!


The human force starts in a fortified position at one end of the board The objective is to exit the far end of the game board with as many soldiers and civilian as you can.

Set up

Fortified position at one end of the board with some kind of exit out of this compound. The rest of the board should given enough building for an urban setting.  The human force starts in the compound. The zombies should be scattered across the rest of the board.


They’re zombie for god’s sake! How can they have the initiative! The human player always goes first.



  1. Captain Price: Hero, Flak Armour, Assault Rifle, Heavy Pistol, 2 x Grenades, Entrenching tool (axe), Radio (comlink)
  2. Sergeant Murphy: Veteran, Flak Armour, Heavy Pistol, Machine Gun, Entrenching tool (axe), Radio (comlink)
  3. Private Fuentes: Average, Flak Armour, Assault Rifle, Grenade, Entrenching tool (axe), Radio (comlink)
  4. Private Felipe: Average, Flak Armour, Assault Rifle, Grenade, Entrenching tool (axe), Radio (comlink)
  5. Private Hans: Average, Flak Armour, Auto Shotgun, Grenade, Entrenching tool (axe), Radio (comlink)
  6. Private Gunter: Average, Flak Armour, Auto Shotgun, Grenade, Entrenching tool (axe), Radio (comlink)
  7. Police Officer Suzy: Green, Primitive Armour, Light Pistol, Baton (club), Radio (comlink)
  8. Police Officer Mills: Green Primitive Armour, Shotgun, Baton (club), Radio (comlink)
  9. Civilian Survivalist Sam: Average, Primitive Armour, Shotgun, Heavy Pistol, Grenade.
  10. 9 x civilians: Green, unarmed, unarmoured.


60 x Zombies: Green, Average, unarmed, unarmoured.

NOTE: Zombie move at only 4cm per AP

Squad Coherency

As per core Combat Zone rulebook any model equipped with a radio (comlink) can ignore squad coherency. Figures not so equipped must remain within coherency distance of a radio equipped figure or suffer a 1AP penalty.

Ammunition rules (or ‘click!’ rules)

Rounds are running short; at any moment you might find yourself reaching into an empty ammo pouch.
Any round in which a figure has fired the player must roll to see if they have run out of ammunition. If the figure fired a single shot then on a roll of 6 on a D6 it has run out of ammo. If the figure fired a burst then on a roll of 5+ on a D6 it has run out of ammo.

NOTE: A failed ammo roll only applies to the weapon fired this turn. If the figure has a second, different weapon that is rolled for separately.

Zombies (Brains! Braiiinnnsss!!!)

Zombies Movement

Because they are basically walking corpses don’t have much in the way of intelligence, they only really become active when they see something edible. As a result zombies mostly move automatically according to the following factors.
  • A zombie can see up to 40cm.
  • If it gets line of sight on a human it will immediately move directly towards them groaning.
  • Any zombie within 30cm of a groaning zombie will start to move towards the groaner. Once it can see a human itself it will itself start groaning and move towards the human
  • Any zombie within 30cm of a gun being fired will move towards the nearest source of the noise. It will ignore gunshots if there is a human within line of sight or it can hear groaning.
  • Under all circumstances the zombie will move in the straightest line allowing for terrain. Although zombies on roofs, raised walkways, etc will walk off the edge to reach a visible human. A falling zombie takes an automatic hit rolling 1D8 for every 3cm it falls. A head shot (or head hit in this case) is still needed to permanently destroy the zombie, see next section.

In addition the zombie player may move up to five zombies that have not been activated by sight or sound in any direction they wish.

Killing Zombies

Only headshots can permanently kill a zombie, any other result will merely knock the creature off its feet. To reflect this the following applies when shooting at zombies.
If a kill result has been scored on a zombie in the normal manor then the human play must roll a D6. On a score of 6, the zombie is plugged between the eyes and is removed from play. Any other result, the zombie is knocked down; place the miniature on its side.
The following modifiers apply.
  • Aimed shot, +1
  • Short Range, +1
  • Point Blank Range, +1
  • Explosive weapon, +1
  • Close combat against a prone zombie, +2

NOTE: The first three of the above DO stack.

A zombie that has been knock down misses its next turn completely. The turn after that it spends all its AP getting up. If any human is stupid enough to stand next to a zombie during this second round, it can attack from the ground.

Any zombie killed respawns in a random corner of the board in the next round.

Zombie Combat

For the most part Zombies follow the usual rules for close combat there are a couple of differences. Zombies fight by attempting to grab and bite their victim, thus the following apply.

  1. If at the end of the close combat phase a human and zombie are still in contact the zombie will attempt to grab and hold the human. Each side rolls a D6, if the human player rolls higher or equal to the zombie the he has avoided being grabbed. If the human player rolls lower then the human has been grabbed. That figure cannot now move away from the zombie voluntary or involuntary. The player roll in subsequent turns to see if the human gets away from the zombie. Extra zombies may latch on and for each one the zombie player rolls an extra D6.
  2. If a zombie wins a round of combat but fail to kill the target there is still and chance the target will succumb to the zombie virus. A human figure struck by a zombie must roll to see if it is infected. On a roll of 6 on a D6 the figure is inflected and collapses at the end of its next turn. Next turn it will rise as a zombie. (Heroes may use re-rolls) Any humans killed will also rise one turn after they were killed.


Two weeks ago airforce plane spotted your compound and attempted to drop supplies. Unfortunately they missed - by a lot - three men went out to try to find them but never came back, so the supplies still out there. Finding them isn’t a priority but if you happen to come across them, there might be something useful.

Scatter 20 boxes across the board; on their underside mark half with number 1-10. A figure must get with 3cm to open a box; this cost 1AP per box. The contents of a numbered box are as follows. Boxes that are not numbered contain nothing immediately useful.
  1. Box empty, however one of the men who went out looking for the supplies appears from the building where he has been hiding. Private Kenny, Average, Flak Armour, heavy pistol, Entrenching tool (axe), (set up next to closest building.)
  2. Lots of ammo. All guns within 30cm of box reloaded. Humans may fire this round without rolling for ammo outages. Start rolling for ammo as normal next round.
  3. 10 x grenades
  4. Missile launcher with 3 rockets
  5. 10 x Mk1 Lobotomizers, count as axe in close combat, gives an extra +2 bonus to headshot roll.
  6. Assault Rifle Ammo. All assault rifles within 30cm of box reloaded, may fire this round without rolling for ammo outages. Start rolling for ammo as normal next round.
  7. Pistol Ammo. All pistols within 30cm of box reloaded, may fire this round without rolling for ammo outages. Start rolling for ammo as normal next round.
  8. Shotgun Ammo. All shotguns within 30cm of box reloaded, may fire this round without rolling for ammo outages. Start rolling for ammo as normal next round.
  9. Zombie decoy. Human player may choose to activate the decoy in any subsequent round. Once activated the decoy starts to make a zombie like groaning. Zombies will move towards it at detailed in the zombie rules. The first zombie to reach the decoy destroys it. Decoy can be carried but the model can shoot and is consider unarmed if engaged in close combat.
  10. Large radio. See GM

Victory Conditions

  • Greater than 66% of soldier and 75% of civilians escape zombie town: Complete Human Victory.
  • Up to 66% of soldier and 75% of civilians escape zombie town: Partial Human Victory
  • Up to 50% of soldier and 75% of civilians escape zombie town: Draw
  • Up to 33% of soldier and 50% of civilians escape zombie town: Partial Zombie Victory
  • Less than 33% of soldier and 50% of civilians escape zombie town: Complete Zombie Victory


Result 10 on supplies

You have found a powerful radio transmitter with which you may contact authorities in any subsequent turn. Upon making contact a rescue helicopter with be despatched to your area. During set up the GM should have put down an appropriate piece of terrain to act as a chopper pad, or left an area 20cm X 20cm bare. The chopper will arrive in D4+2 turns of contact being made, if the landing area isn’t clear it with orbit for up to two turns. For the chopper to land, the pad or centre of the bare area (10cm X 10cm) must be COMPLETELY zombie free. The humans can enter the chopper for one AP. The helicopter will remain landed until all humans are aboard or a zombie gets with 20cm of it (if you don’t have a helicopter model measure from centre of land zone)

If the human player can reach the chopper before it leaves with more than 50% of soldiers and civilians then the human side wins outright. The human player is under no obligation to try to get to the helicopter, it is merely an option.


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