Sunday, 29 September 2013

Space Vikings !

Hi Guys

Ed and I had a game of "Sunder the Stars" recently. Very enjoyable. Here are a few pictures and a brief write up of our first game. I started to get distracted when my ships kept blowing up. "Stop dying, you cowards!"

Ed took the space vikings, I took the space spartans, both pregenerated factions from the same website as the rules. We took 1 battleship, 2 cruisers, 2 destroyers and 3 frigates each. This turned out to be too small but it was our first game. We will have another bash, probably with counters to make honking big fleets each.  The vikings use Rack weapons ( missiles with no penalty for firing at long range) and the Spartans are all beam weapons with do better at close range, so my main tactic was straight ahead full and damn the torpedoes. This proved to be a mistake...

Ships-check, dice-check, Tea -hell yes !

Eds German fleet, pretending to be Vikings. Note the D20 showing initiative score.

The viking fleet moves out.

All shiney and glowing. No idea why.

The heroic Spartans, played by my Russians. Obviously !

Turn 1. We both move forward and start feeling out move speeds and range bands. Little to no firing until Eds missile frigates get range on my frigate squardron. One of my frigates goes from perfect to chaff in 1 die roll.
Turn 2, The Spartan frigates and then Cruisers open fire on the enemy destroyers and frigates, causing some damage and destroys a frigate. The viking  Battleship fires a lot and achieves little beyond another enemy frigate going pop. The beam attacks from the Viking cruisers damage on of my frigates and kills the other. their rack attacks cripple my battleship who rolled very poorly. My crippled battleship still manages to score 3 points of damage on a viking cruiser, from hells heart I stab at thee !

Turn 3, the viking battleship surges forward, destroying the Spartan battleship , damaging one of my cruisers and crippling the other. The clean up operation wipes out the last of the Spartans in quick succession.

Things were looking well for me at the halfway point of turn 2, everything was banjaxed by the end of turn 2 and it was all over by the end of turn 3.  Good fun, but little to no tactics on my behalf. It was mainly a have abash and see how the rules do affair but I enjoyed it.

We had time for a second game and we swapped sides. The Spartans scored a glorious victory and got their revenge. Ed 2, Phil 0.

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