Monday, 11 November 2013

Mid Republican Romans

Hi Guys

A while back I got a boxed set of Mid Republican Romans in 15mm from War Modelling. They are designed to be a starter army set for Field Of Glory (FOG) but are ideal for Basic Impetus as they contain everything you need for the basic list and cover every option except the light horse. I was so put off by the appalingly bad service from the vendor, they sat on the shelf for a long time. However, I needed a break from painting LOTR stuff and got started. The figures are not bad, although the facial detail can be a little blurry, and they do have a nice animated feel. They metal is very hard, which can make flash removal a pain. I will finish and field this army, but I will never buy from this supplier again.

I am roughly halfway through the army, I have the command, 3 of the 5 heavy foot units done, 1 cavalry unit and the 8 skirmishers done, so 2 heavy foot, 1 cavalry and a medium foot unit to go.  Here are a few pictures of what is finished so far.


  1. Very nice! Love the skirmish stands...

  2. Yes, like Phil says, those are very good! Did you use a version of the dip on those? Great job, and hope to see more of your work!


  3. Hi Aaron, thank you ! The figures get a heavy inkwash with Winsor & Newton nut brown, and when they are fully dry, the cream gets drybrushed with white, the yellow gets touched up, and the pig iron colour gets a bright silver highlight.