Monday, 4 August 2014

Battle of Neapolis, pyrrhic campaign game.

Hi guys

A little while back Ed & I played the next game in our Pyrrhic campaign using Basic Impetus.  It was the battle of Neapolis, with Pyrrhus the attacker & Rome the defender.

Battlefield from the Pyrrhic side


Turn 1, Initiative Pyrrhus, the entire army advances except Pyrrhus, who holds himself in reserve toplug any gaps or exploit a breakthrough.
Rome ,  The Legions wheel forward to cover their flanks



Turn 2, Initiative Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus moves to the side , which causes him to be disrupted, skirmishers close on enemy, all others advance straight ahead

Rome, Light Horse & cavalry advances, Legions  continue to wheel outward.

Turn 3, Initiative Rome. Cavalry charge Oscan light foot, cavalry takes 1 point of damage & falls back.
Light horse & Legions advance.

Pyrrhus, Oscans throw javelins at cavalry, causing a point of damage. Light horse withdraw.
Skirmishers block opponents, Elephant, pike & cavalry advance, Pyrrhus reforms

Turn 4, Initiative Rome, Cavalry reform, right hand legion advances, skirmishers fall back

Pyrrhus, Elephant charges skirmishers who fall back. Oscan javelins break Roman cavalry. Pyrrhus
advances & the Hoplites wheel to face the Legion


Turn 5, Initiative Rome. Cavalry charge Elephant but are destroyed, the Elephant takes 1 point of
damage. A javelin volley from the skirmishers causes a further 2 points of damage to the elephant.

Pyrrhus, Skirmishers again block their opponents, the elephant wheels, and the oscans form up with
the hoplites.

Turn 6, initiative Rome. Legion charges cavalry and destroys them. The Roman triarii charge the pike
and cause 3 points of damage and suffer 1 point in return. A Legion charges Pyrrhus but take 1 point
of damage and fall back.

The legion destroys the hoplites and take 1 point of damage in the process.
The triarii destroy the rear unit of pike.

Turn 7, initiative Pyrrhus. The oscans & light horse charge, but to no effect. The elephant charges
the flank of the legion, each takes 1 point of damage

Rome, Legion kills Elephant, The pike drive the Triarii back, a javelin volley from the Oscans destroys a Roman legion , breaking the Roman army.

Result :Minor Pyrrhic victory, advance 1 stage.


  1. Great report. Impetus is on my list of things to check out. Your post is a real help. Thanks.

  2. gosh I wish I was there :o) ...anyway..Love the figures, love the Maps and love your photos and I enjoyed reading your battle report Phil!

    Impetvs are a great set of rules, I prefer Basic Impetves than the full set of rules.. average BI army is about 8-9 bases per side and play a fun game in a couple of hours..

    Thanks Phil and Ed for displaying an excellent battle report/game..... cheers,

    1. Thanks Phil, we are having good fun with it. Andys campaign idea gave it a bit more purpose, and both Ed & I played more cautiosly in a campaign game than in a normal match. Will post next game report soon.



  3. A question, what tools did you use to create your maps please?

  4. Hi

    I used a free program called mapping board. Very easy to use and customize.


    1. Thanks - found it


  5. kingroot
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    I prefer Basic Impetves than the full set of rules.. average BI army is about 8-9 bases per side and play a fun game in a couple of hours.