Monday, 4 August 2014

15mm Celtic Village

Hi Guys

A few pictures of a 15mm celtic village/homestead I got a while ago. It is from Hovels, they do the whole village for about £22. Also in the pictures is the pig sty with fencing. I couldn't resist it. I had intended it as scenery for ancients battles, most Romans v Gaul, but would also do for a British village or Celtiberians in northern Spain, so could see action for the Punic wars. We have a Punic campaign planned, so it might get an outing for that. It turned out a little big for mere tabletop eye candy, so we might treat it as a terrain feature, impassible to all but skirmishers or something on those lines, or it would make a nice objective in a scenario game.

The models are very clean, needing little or no clean up after a quick wash. The detailing was excellent, there are a few places where the daub is missing, showing the wattle underneath. There is  a great house, 2 smaller houses and a variety of storehouses in the pack, plus enough fencing to inclose all the buildings.

The figures are from the Corvus Belli range, Celtic peasants, they are nice with plenty of character if a little bland, and you don't get many figures for the same price as a normal pack. I would like to add a few more animals loose around the place, geese, chickens, goats, maybe a cat or two etc. but haven't seen anything appropiate yet from anyone I was ordering from.


Next up, a finished 15mm Ancient Spanish army for Basic Impetus

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