Saturday, 27 October 2012

Pictures of Basic Impetus game

Hi Guys

Ed & I played two games of Basic Impetus last night, Macedonian versus Persians. We had planned to do a full write up with sequenced pictures but there were a good few interuptions and we got caught up in the game before we realised we hadnt taken a photo in about 4 turns. So instead, here is a few shots from both games.

The games were good fun. The first was a close game, with the Persians winning. The second was even closer, with the Macedonians winning, just. Two wins for Ed, so he must have been cheating or using tactics or something. Most  of the units with good stats were underwhealing do to appalingly bad luck, and the dregs of the levy performing well above expectations. The scythed chariot finally killed something ( a unit of pike) but ran out of steam and bit the dust. Might take on the Galatians next to see how loony Celts vs Pike phalanx works out.


Catachan Imperial Guard pictures

Hi Guys

Some time ago I recieved a present of a large quantity of models (Thanks F!), mainly 28mm sci-fi. Here is the first batch done, a squad of Catachan Imperial guard, who look like vietnam era Americans. They will see action as Corporation Rangers in warpath as well as a complete squad for combat zone. They may even be pressed into service the next time we break Space Hulk out.They are nice models with plenty of extras on the sprue, although some of the weapon arms are at a bit of a weird angle. I have a load of Cadian Imperial Guard to do as well, including a lovely metal command set. This has a very nice pair of models with a wounded soldier and a medic with a blood bag tending him. Currently on the painting table and half finished is a cool 10-man Swat team which will be finished shortly.


Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hi Guys

I did about 70 Bauhaus plastic troopers for use in Warpath. They are done in 10 man squads, each with a commander, one or two heavy weapons troopers and the balance of the ten with assault rifles. I wanted plenty of variety and these figures are very easy to convert. They are on a similar scale to GW stuff, especially the Imperial guard stuff, and EM4 do conversion packs for their own plastic troopers with heavy weapons, med packs, comms gear etc. Some of it is very straight-forward, some of it required a bit more work.

Control pad and med kit

Triple barrelled cannon with ammo belt

Some weird old GW weapon, maybe a plasma rifle ?

Reloading rifle with cut off ammo clip

Em4 rocket launcher

Same weapon from the front

Flame thrower

Maybe a recoiless rifle ?

Reminds me of the Cobra cannon from Robocop

Same figure from the other side

Another rocket launcher

I added a targeter to the pistol, thinks its GW

1 gun good, 2 guns better !

Robots. Or Walkers. Or Mechs...

Hi Guys

I picked up two packs of plastic mechs from EM4 some time pack. They are about £2.50 for a pack of 5 mechs. They look quite similar to some of the battletech stuff and would suit 6mm sci-fi as big mechs, or as 28mm robots. They will probably get pressed into service whenever I get around to painting up my 15mm sci-fi stuff as well as heavy walkers. They can just pressed together but are best glued.

The heavy mechs

The medium mechs

The 4 lights

The 10 figure squad for Warpath

Friday, 19 October 2012

From Prussia with love.

Hi Guys

My usual opponent, Ed, and I have a good game of Dystopian Wars last night. He wanted to try out his new Russian fleet and I used my Prussians. This was my first time playing against the Russians and the learning curve was rather steep, practically vertical .... In Dystopian wars (DW), the Prussian fleet is faster than most of its counterparts, very good at close range gunnery and boarding attacks but weak at long range. They are very well balanced opponents for the British fleet, Eds' usual force for DW. The Russians are slower than the Prussians, have very little long range capability, but are very dangerous at close range. They also have ablative armour, which makes it very difficult to damage them. Once you score a point of damage, the armour is cracked and the advantage lost. It means that the first hit on them can only cause a single point of damage, where everyone else can take catastrophic damage in one strike. My usual tactic against the British is to charge through their long range fire, closing to close gunnery range and then launching boarding attacks as soon as possible. This would be suicide against the Russians as you would be just running onto their bigger guns.

We  went with the basic starter fleet, each having 1 battleship, 3 cruisers, 9 frigates, 2 bombers and 10 tiny flyers ( you have a choice of fighters, dive dombers, torpedoe bombers or spotters. We each choose 10 fighters.) When we deployed, I accidentally used 3 Battlecruiser models but used the stat profile for normal cruisers, so no cheating occured.

The Prussian fleet deploys

The evil Russian fleet deploys

  In turn 1 Ed won the initiative, and activated a squadron first ( in DW each player activates a single unit/squadron and it alternates back and forth so you are both involved, but getting the first punch in can be a big advantage. We both advanced toward each other at full speed. This was a bit dumb on my behalf but I wanted to see what the Russians could do, I just learned the hard way. There was very little firing in the first round, due to both of us having little long range firepower. The exception was my two bombers each have a forward tesla coil with a limited long range attack. I took pot shots at Eds bombers, both at the edge of effective range. My first attack was a lucky one, I scored a critical on a bomber, rolled on the crit table and got magazine explosion. It destroyed that model and damaged its companion, and sunk a nearby frigate, much to the dishumour of Ed.
Kerblamo !

Ed seeing the crit result

Turn 2, I took the initiative. We both advance, the Russian cruisers destroy a Prussian frigate, the frigates close on the cruisers but score no damage.  My bombers tesla his cruisers and crit one of them, and halving his speed with engine damage. The Russian frigates close on my frigates on the left flank, destroying one. The Prussian cruisers advance on their opposite numbers, damaging one and shooting down the remaining Russian bomber. The Russian battleship advances and deals out damage in all directions . It causes heavy damage to a Prussian bomber, taking its bombs temporarily off-line. A squadron of Russian fighters finish off the wounded bomber with some loses, finishing turn 2.

Turn 3. The Russians took the initiative and advanced his cruisers. The fire on the Prussian cruisers and destroy one, causing 26 points of damage ( It sinks after 4..). The remaining Prussian bomber straffes the Russian cruisers, damaging one in a rather feeble attack. The Russian battleship advances to close range, downing the last Prussian bomber, sinking a Prussian cruiser and leaving my options extremely limited. Given that most of my fleet had become one-way submarines,  I concede the game at this point for a fairly one-sided Russian victory. Next time I will cheat and use things like tactics and a plan, rather than just running forward like a goosed muppet.

Look at all the empty space where the Prussian fleet was.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Basic Impetus Alexandrian Macedonian army finished !

Hi Guys

Finished my Macedonian army for Basic Impetus, at least, finished for now.  Here are a few pictures of the finished article.

The whole force for BI

Pike Phalanx

Cretan Archer skirishers


Agrianian skirmishers with Javelin


Alexander with Companions
Thessalian Cavalry

We had two excellent games with these various Achemenid Persians. Both games went to the Macedonians, with the second being very close. No pictures though as the king of kings forgot the tripod for the camera though ( The Muppet ! ). We will try another game soon and if the outlanders synapes fire, we ight get some pictures out of it.