Saturday, 27 October 2012

Catachan Imperial Guard pictures

Hi Guys

Some time ago I recieved a present of a large quantity of models (Thanks F!), mainly 28mm sci-fi. Here is the first batch done, a squad of Catachan Imperial guard, who look like vietnam era Americans. They will see action as Corporation Rangers in warpath as well as a complete squad for combat zone. They may even be pressed into service the next time we break Space Hulk out.They are nice models with plenty of extras on the sprue, although some of the weapon arms are at a bit of a weird angle. I have a load of Cadian Imperial Guard to do as well, including a lovely metal command set. This has a very nice pair of models with a wounded soldier and a medic with a blood bag tending him. Currently on the painting table and half finished is a cool 10-man Swat team which will be finished shortly.


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