Saturday, 20 October 2012


Hi Guys

I did about 70 Bauhaus plastic troopers for use in Warpath. They are done in 10 man squads, each with a commander, one or two heavy weapons troopers and the balance of the ten with assault rifles. I wanted plenty of variety and these figures are very easy to convert. They are on a similar scale to GW stuff, especially the Imperial guard stuff, and EM4 do conversion packs for their own plastic troopers with heavy weapons, med packs, comms gear etc. Some of it is very straight-forward, some of it required a bit more work.

Control pad and med kit

Triple barrelled cannon with ammo belt

Some weird old GW weapon, maybe a plasma rifle ?

Reloading rifle with cut off ammo clip

Em4 rocket launcher

Same weapon from the front

Flame thrower

Maybe a recoiless rifle ?

Reminds me of the Cobra cannon from Robocop

Same figure from the other side

Another rocket launcher

I added a targeter to the pistol, thinks its GW

1 gun good, 2 guns better !


  1. How are you finding Warpath plays?


  2. It is a very good system, but it has a level of abstraction some people might not like. The exact position of the figures within the unit isnt very important, the units position and line of sight is measured from the unit leader rather than figure by figure. The unit fires as a unit rather than by individuals and there is no figure removal until the unit breaks. It lets you have a good sized game in an evening, we might field 6 10-man units with a few heavy weapons and a few light walkers per side and finish in 2 to 2.5 hours.