Sunday, 28 July 2013

Three elves in a fountain.

Hi Guys

Played a fun game of the GW Lord of the Rings skirmish game. I bought a shoe box full of 300+ figures for about €40 a few years back and they get taken out every once in a while to see the light of day. They havent gotten the attention they deserve, but I have hit a flat spot with 15mm ancients and painting the current batch is more a chore than pleasure, so I may set aside the Romans for a while and do LOTR stuff instead. All the models are still as they were when I got the box.  Some of the figures are quite well painted, just needing the base done, but would really profit from an ink wash & dry brush. Other figures look like they were painted by a colourblind chimp during a bad acid trip. I will probably alternate between these. I can get all of the elves to a quality I would happy with in one or two evenings, so it is tempting to do these first. The Goblins need more attention, possibly medical. I plan to lay out all the figures and work through the box race by race, Elves first , then Goblins and so on. I have about 7 Gandalfs and 5 Saurumans. Ed has suggested putting them together into an Istari cover band. I picked up the rule book second hand for €5, and made all the buildings myself, so this is frugal gaming in the extreme. The only proxy we did was we couldn't find the troll model so used Sauron instead. It is a lovely model and probably the only time it will get used, so I wasn't too worried.

An open urban set up

Multi level wizards house with viewing tower.

Searching the ruins

Goblins search the storehouse / outside toilet.

We didn't field any wizards, he just looked good there...

Chop !

The "Troll" does some smiting

We played a modified version of the rules and used a simple scenario . We were both looking for an unnammed treasure. Each building could be searched for it. On a 2D6 roll, a twelve would find the loot in the first turn, 11+ on subsequent attempts. Small buildings could be searched once, medium buildings and ruins twice and the big buildings three times. On a roll of double 1, a creature with the stat profile of a troll would be disturbed and attack the searchers.  No treasure was found and no trolls disturbed but a good laugh was had with some appaling dice rolls. Will have to play LOTR again soon.


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